Your Dream Job

Guide to Your Dream Job

Building a career you love

What would it be like to wake up every day excited to get to work?

To get to the office and have your coworkers’ respect?

To work on projects that actually make an impact in the world?

Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Do you ever wonder how the most successful people got such good jobs?

They always seem to brim with confidence.  They know the most important players in their industry.  Even if they decide to quit this job, they’ll have a new job lined up in 2 days, they’re in such high demand.

But when you set the same goals, maybe you’re not so sure.  Where successful people seem to have it “figured out,” you’re worried that you’ll be stuck at your current job for the foreseeable future.

You’ve tried sending out your resume.  You have the education and relevant experience.  You’re sick of hearing, “no,” and worse you’re sick of hearing crickets.

The truth is, you can get hired at a top-tier position.  If you really want it, though, you’ll need a strategy to get you there.  An exact system that helps you find – and land – your dream job.

That’s why, in this free guidebook, I’ll show you a step by step approach to identifying and then getting your ideal job.  You’ll learn how to use simple networking to find and create opportunities for your career.

Ready?  Let’s dive in.

Why I wrote this guidebook

I used to have no idea how hiring and career changes worked.

The shotgun approach to resumes was my best friend, blasting out application after application.  It was exhausting and ineffective.

I started talking with professionals I admired about the ways they found their careers.  What they told me surprised me.  They overwhelmingly found jobs through personal connections at other companies.  By the time they’d been recommended by friends for the job, the resume was just a formality.

In fact, I found it’s not uncommon for top performers to have job titles created to match their skills and interests.  Jobs that were never posted, and for which there is never competition.

Since discovering this back door to finding a job, I’ve landed every job through personal connections, not through cold emailing my resume – even when I moved to a new city hundreds of miles away.

Don’t get me wrong, things would have been okay at my first job.  You can certainly go through your career without networking your way to new jobs:

Warning: If you settle for just “okay” you’re missing out.
  • You hear crickets after sending out 30 resumes to potential employers
  • You wonder what you could possibly offer to a top firm
  • You imagine yourself chained to your desk at the same company for the next 40 years until you retire
  • You’re willing to work hard and follow all the rules, but you still don’t see the reward

I want to share with you how to create a radical shift in the way you view the job hunt.  A guide for how to stop dreaming – about finally being paid what you’re worth, being excited for work, and making an impact – and start doing.

You can make these big changes.  I want to show you how, because you spend so much time at your job that if you don’t enjoy it you’re losing out.

You can learn how to take your career to the next level and find your dream job.  Once you do, you guarantee a change in your life for the better.

This guide is in pre-launch testing with beta testers.

If you’re interested in receiving the guide as soon as it’s released, just let me know where to send it:


In this guidebook you’ll learn

1. What is my dream job?

Before you can land your dream job, you have to figure out what job you want to do.  In part one, we’ll discuss how to narrow down what exactly you want to do with your career, even if you feel like you have no idea.

Take me to Part 1!  – Discover Your Dream Job

2. Who should I be talking to in order to get my dream job?

In your job search, a TON of people are going to tell you to just “go network!”  Scattershot networking is about as effective as handing out your resume to as many people as you can find.  Instead, in part 2, we’ll dig into who are the influential and admired players in your industry, and how to practice targeted networking.

Take me to Part 2! – How to Meet Successful People

3. Exact scripts for your first coffee meeting with an industry professional

Getting coffee or talking on the phone with someone who has the potential to launch your career can be exciting and nerve-racking.  In Part 3, we’ll work on exact scripts to keep your cool, learn from top-performers, and naturally ask for help.

Take me to Part 3! – Exact Scripts for a Coffee Meeting

4. Deciding whether you like the new company

Once you have a warm recommendation, meeting the hiring manager and others in the company just got a lot easier.  In Part 4, we’ll talk about how to best go about learning about your potential target company.

Take me to Part 4! – Coming soon

5. Sealing the deal with killer personal marketing materials (resume, cover letter, and your plan of attack)

Even though you’ve done as much as you can to make it a no-brainer to hire you, you’ll still need a resume and cover letter as a formality.  Plus, you’ll develop what I call your “plan of attack” that you can present in your interview.

Take me to Part 5! – Coming soon

6. The preparation technique to guarantee you ace your interviews

The hiring manager needs help.  In Part 6, we’ll look at how to assure the hiring manager that you can do everything he/she needs – and more.

Take me to Part 6! – Coming soon

7. Negotiating salary and benefits

Most of us are bad negotiators.  In Part 7, I’ll show you the basics of salary and benefits negotiation to make your new job pay dividends.

Take me to Part 7! – Coming soon

8. Hitting a home run in your first month on the job

There’s a ton of job search advice out there on the internet, but hardly any advice about what to do when you finally get the job.  In Part 8, we’ll discuss how to get yourself started on the right foot from day 1.

Take me to Part 8! – Coming soon

This guide is in pre-launch testing with beta testers.

If you’re interested in receiving the guide as soon as it’s released, just let me know where to send it: