I just finished college. What next?

This mini-post answers a question I hear a lot: What do I do now that I finished college?

When you finish college it does seem like the whole world is open in front of you. That can be exciting and intimidating.

Here’s step-by-step what I think 90% of college grads should do.

  1. Save up a few months’ expenses. There’s no shame in taking a job waiting tables right out of college. If you can work somewhere even better, do it. I tested concrete and soil samples on construction sites for an engineering firm.
  2. Pick a city and move there. Just decide where you want to be and pack up. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but there’s value in moving and starting fresh. It helps if you already have friends in that city. I picked Washington, DC.
  3. Look for and land a job. This is often easier said than done and is the subject of dozens of posts that I’ve written. To get started, check out my Guide to Your Dream Job.
  4. Do a good job wherever you work. Meet new people. Learn new things. Decide if you like the industry you picked. Stick with it for a while. Often you’ll like what you do better the better you get at it.
  5. After a year or two on the job, think about traveling or changing cities. There’s a ton of things to see and learn in the world. Explore!

Feel free to message me to talk more about details specific to your circumstances. Of course, let me know how it goes!

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